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The highest quality security shutters, screening and interior shading in SA.

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MaestroShield Overview – Successfully founded on the three stars of Quality, Price and Delivery, MaestroShield is the most rapidly growing supplier of exterior screen and shade, interior shade, hurricane protection, security shutters,tubular motors and control devices. MaestroShield is an innovative design, engineering and manufacturing and supply company. All products are designed and developed in-house by Swedish and American engineers using only the highest quality materials. Quality assurance is the hallmark of our manufacturing philosophy. All of our aluminum-extrusion, casting, motor and control device manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

MaestroShield Hurricane Protection- Engineered to be the best, MaestroShield® End Retention and Non-End Retention Roll Down Shutters are designed for strength and beauty. Our strength has been rigorously tested and certified and span industry leading widths up to 262” and heights up to 360”. Our beauty is in the versatility our system, which offers the choice of slat venting, multiple colors, and a wide array of motors and electronics that seamlessly integrate your system while providing comfort, convenience and unparalleled security and protection against intrusion, high speed winds, wind-born debris and Ultra-Violet solar radiation for your home or business.

MaestroShield Security – MaestroShield’s End Retention system, with riveted end retention slat locks, provides superior security and protection against intrusion, high speed winds, wind-born debris and Ultra-Violet solar radiation. Our aluminum Roll-Down shutters have some of the industry’s highest design pressure capacities and have been issued a notice of acceptance with Miami Dade County, Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance. With a design pressure load exceeding 120 psf, a 13 foot wide by 10 foot high span of MaestroShield’s end retention can withstand over 15,000 pounds of pressure. With connector slats all the way up to the motor tube, a MaestroShield aluminum curtain does not allow for any give if an intruder tries to lift if from the bottom. Optional locking bottom bar for added security and a greater design load.

MaestroShield Interior Shading - MaestroShade’s innovation will change the way you think about interior shading. To supply interior shading manufacturers with superior components, we brought together industry expert designers, installers, dealers and customers to understand the current problems with motorized shading systems. Once those problems were identified, our engineers got to work creating solutions. Our interior shading product line, composed of the most advanced hood assemblies, side rail assemblies, mounting brackets, tubular motors, and system controls, has resulted in the most revolutionary interior shading components on the market. The ingenuity of these components makes installation easy and the versatility of these components reduces the size of needed inventory.

MaestroShield Tubular Motors - MaestroShield 30 Nm Tubular Motor with 86 mm tube rated at 115 lbs (53 kg) lifting capacity lifts 187 lb (85 kg) with ease. Not only is this motor extremely powerful, it also has an unheard of failure rate of 0.3 %. This is why MaestroShield can cover its motors with a Full 5-Year 100% Replacement Warranty. Motors with build-in receivers are covered by a Full 3-Year 100% Replacement Warranty.